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    Need Oside Bills Recipe for GP1200R

    New Member, First Post. Have 2001 Yamaha GP1200R. Seems OSB was "The Man" and I'm sorry to hear of his passing.
    I think I need OSB's Recipe? Anyone have a link for OSB's GP1200R PV Recipe? Issue is no F/A's and stock waterbox.

    Had D-plate and chip installed. No problems. Later had carbs rebuilt, now get occasional "temp sensor warning" at midrange speeds.
    Last trip ski stopped running. It cranks and turns over, it seems to have good compression if I pull plugs and cover plug ports with fingers while cranking. I have not put a true compression tester on the ski yet.

    It has spark as I got bit when I put the plugs in the boots and cranked it with plugs out of heads to check for spark.
    I swapped the GP1200R fuel filter with my 'known good' 1996 Yamaha WB2 760 to test, but it never seems to fill up
    and the ski still wont start in fuel position "ON" or "RES"

    If I spray Maxima Contact Cleaner in the heads, put plugs back in and crank it the ski will run for the amount of juice sprayed in the heads, then die. So the issue is probably not spark, wires, fuse, electrical box, battery or plugs.

    I also noticed that when I crank it with the plugs out I do not see fuel vapor puffs come out of the cylinder ports?
    Usually I would see something, but I see nothing so I think it is fuel delivery?
    I suppose that fuel delivery can be related to anything from the carb pressure to a clogged petcock port at the bottom of the tank? IDK?

    Ski is stock with only 88 hours. It has the D-Plate and chip, plus wave-eater clips and that's it. I ride 95% of the time in the ocean with my 17 year old daughter and need "reliable" not "RACE". I really need a tech that knows RAVE Power Valve GP1200R skis. I have seen many OSB posts but I don't have the skills to fix this ski myself, its impossible to get to the carbs, let alone do OSB's mods as a weekend warrior. What is valuable is to 'somewhat' know what I'm talking about when I try and talk to a tech about issues and possible solutions. I would love to review OSB's recipe [for PV no F/A's] and have enough working knowledge to be able to talk with a tech intelligently. There also seems to be a OSB recommendation for drilled return pressure balancing [] Basically, I really need a tech that can do the work and knows these topics.

    Can anyone send me the link/s to OSB's Recipe and ANY best practices you want to suggest... please?

    Additionally... Do any members know of a good Yamaha PV tech in So Cal?
    I'm in the Los Angeles area [LAX airport adjacent / zip 90045]

    Thanks for your Support!

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    Here is the thread for carb rejetting by OSB with his recipe.

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    Thanks so much, now I need a tech in Los Angeles that can apply the recipe.
    Thanks for the read and the reply!


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    I would say go for rebuilding the carbs yourself. There is so much knowledge on Greenhulk that your questions probably have already been answered.

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