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    New to me Speedster 150 255Hp

    New to this forum and new to Seadoo.

    Bought a 2011 Speedster 150 255HP a few weeks back. It had 55 hours on it and was in better shape than new. Fast forward to now with 70 hours on it and I have a couple of issues, specifically:

    1.. Water in the bilge. I end up pumping a couple of gallons an hour out of the bilge as I go about my day. The water is not coming in from people or splashing, it is coming in somewhere. I would leave the bilge to pump it out but I don't like how low the engine sits in the hull as there is a fair amount of it there before the auto bilge pumps out. This is because the pump is on a ridge behind the engine and the engine sits below the pump technically. Not a great design but I guess you could say it contributes to the cooling as when I pump it out, it is hot. I suspect the carbon ring because it does not appear to take on water unless it is running. Again, i just bump the bilge switch every so often. Sometimes there is water, sometimes there is none. I just don't like it. I spend a ton of time trying to find the leak and have exhausted much of my search. The only thing left is to put the GoPro down in there to video the carbon seal while running.

    2.. Since I got it, it sometime surges and bogs down when advancing the throttle. Doesn't do it all the time, but it is annoying. I was concerned it was the Supercharger clutch but did the hand test with it and it is very tight. Now I am leaning towards a bad throttle position sensor. I have a replacement to try but don't have any way to reset the ECU. May have to drag it to a dealer to have them reset it once replaced. I am leaning this way because it seems to do it most at mid throttle positions and a couple of times when starting it it has run up the throttle even with the handle fully back.

    If anyone has any thoughts or comments, I would love to hear them.


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    Just for the reply so if others have the same problems..

    1.. replaced the throttle position sensor. No change, also had to haul it to the dealer to zero out.
    2.. pulled the supercharger. It was in perfect shape. 11Nm for the clutch slip, right in spec.
    3.. pulled the intercooler. Signs of water in the thottlebody side. Pressure tested, and leaks like hell.

    Now off to find a new intercooler.

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    Most of jet boats they do take on water /leak. One of my friends with brand new seadoo 210 wake edition went on vacation with boat , left it in water over night and bilge pump has drained battery down to point that he couldn't start boat in morning. On my Yamaha I did reseal jet pumps mounts to transom , swimming platform bolts to transom with marine grade sealant and that helped a lot with taking on water.

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    My bilge water leak...

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    New Intercooler + Fixed hole in Exhaust = Dry and fast boat.

    Hits 8100 RPM now, something it never did before as the highest I would see would be around 7800 RPM

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