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    aquatrax issue any ideas to try?

    one ski runs perfect. The 2nd ski will die at WOT. New plugs and normal summer start up etc..

    Replaced waste gate actuator, no codes either.

    On trailer with water, runs fine. Under load it has the problem. Noticed the solas gold nose cone was half way up the shafts and the o ring gone.

    Any other thoughts? 91 octance but gas did sit for a year of no use at 1/2 a tank. Added sta-bil and seafoam last season.

    2nd ski had same fuel and etc.

    Very odd no alarms or codes. Over oil should still pop a code or alarm.

    Does solas gold nose cone actually do anything ? Read some posts about not using the green cone.

    Thanks for the suggestions and assist.

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    One of the following solved the issue. Removed 1/4- 1/2 quart of oil, replaced the top sensor that I noticed was cracked, removed a muddobber that had made a 1 cell next at 11 o'clock position in the housing, hooked up to hose and tested to make sure no air pocket in system and had good pee flow from ski. My first guess would be the oil a bit over. Very odd situation.

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