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    Why is the 2019 Seadoo GTI 130 slower than my 2013...

    So I have been long time of Seadoo GTI 130/ 155 and recently the RXP and GTX 230. I have owned many GTI 130 and 155s since the 2007 models in both standard and SE versions and one thing I liked was the fact that on a 130 I would get 55 Mph and on a 155 I would get 58 Mph. The new Seadoo 130 IMHO is garbage. With a top speed of only 50 Mph, I am very disappointed and will NEVER buy another GTI again unless brings back the performance. I originally thought it had something to do with break in so I waited my 10 hours and still only gets 50 Mph. Online tests have confirmed this. I still have my 2013 and my gf has a 2014 and they are dead tied at 55 Mph, where the 2019 gets blown away and can't keep up only pushing 50 Mph.
    So what's the story here? I did notice an impeller change starting in 2018/2019 to 267000940 from 267000532 and then a change again in 2020 to 267001044. Did they limit the top speed via computer, severe drag from the polytec hull or is that impeller pitch smaller than 11/18 like on the 267000532?

    Anybody know before I write Seadoo off forever?

    On a related note, online tests have also shown that the 2020 GTI 170 is only 55 Mph top end. (40 more HP than my 130 yet same top speed???)

    I will be posting a video on Youtube doing a comparison of both the 2013 and the 2019 to let people know what a dog it is.


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    What are your RPM's at 50?

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    I get a consistent 49MPH at 7000 RPM. Occasionally I will see 50 MPH for a second or 2. Once in a while I will see my tach go to 7020.

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    And what RPM's are the 2013-14 turning at WOT.

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