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    The brass was so soft and brittle the easy out just expanded and tightened the threads. That was my first try. Thank you for your response.

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    Ahh... So that's why it didn't sound because it didn't have water going to it after the elbow cracked off.. I am going to see about re locating it to a better location to where if the system gets clogged or damaged it will react from the additional heat of the cylinders. That is a design flaw. I need to find out what temp it reacts. I will try to heat it up with the heat gun slowly and see.. Thank you much for your help again Mr. Steve45

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    Well I had a full day of fun after this fix. I did end up using a thin layer of honda bond on both sides of the exhaust head pipe and manifold. It seems to work great. Thank you much for your help..

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