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    Yamaha SVHO reliability with Riva stage 1 ?

    Take a stock pick up truck and slap a super charger on it that adds 200+hp and some nitros, your not going to get 200K miles out of that engine!

    The Riva stage 1 for the Yamaha GP1800R the only thing is its a tuner. It adds 600RPMs and what ever else it does also adds 9MPH!! What do you think this will do to the life of the engine compared to leaving it stock? Not much at all or is this really cranking things up and might loose 25% engine longevity?
    I am guessing not much at all, but stage 3 without doing internals that's another story! Anyone with experience have an opinion?

  2. #2 the top of the line performance skis they are all limited to 68/69 mph so the tuning add 9 mph is this firt stage because of removing this limiter and ads performance.... so without the limiter they all run 75 easy...
    with an stage 1 Kit you locking at 78-79 mph..... if you spin just 8300....this is nothing for this engine.... i run my svho with 9150 rpm...
    you will need light titanium retainer for everything over 8650 rpm...

    PS: an full stage 3 Setup wirh 17 LBS wheel is ok with stock Internals with 19 or more i would do the internals to

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