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    19 Polaris SL 650 cooling water inlet pipe broken

    While replacing my battery I accidentally broke off the plastic inlet tube on my 94 Polaris SL 650. Looking for the part I noticed that they all take you to the inlet water hose, but not the part that comes in from the hull. How is it attached, how can I remove it? Where does this tube go to on the outside of the hull, cause I can't find it on the outside to see it??? The part broken is just before #2 in the pic below. Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    The water actually exits the engine via the cooling rail on the top of the engine.

    I assume you broke the plastic piece that the hose is attached to. There's 2 allen bolts on the top that should be holding that on. IF that's what it is you broke.

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    Your picture isn't working, but I assume it's the black plastic nipple that comes in off the pump and feeds the engine water to cool it. You have to remove the whole pump (it's easy on a Polaris) and that black plastic tube will slide out. They are kind of easy to find on ebay.

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