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    If my ski has the Cat Temp Sensor Chip, is it safe to assume.....

    Just traded an old Jeep for a 2000 Gp1200r. The machine starts right up but bogs when you try to accelerate. My assumption is the carbs need a good cleaning and possible rebuild. That's on the plan for this week.

    I noticed the Cat Temp Sensor Chip is installed. Is it safe to assume that a D-Plate has been installed then? I'm new to these old 2-strokes and just learning about them.

    Would there be any other reason to install the
    Cat Temp Sensor Chip other than the D-Plate cat delete?

    Thanks for any insight!

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    I would imagine that if there's a chip installed that there would be a D plate in there, unless somebody had a sensor go bad and just installed the chip.

    I would think you already have the D plate in there though.

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