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    Is this MagnumTuning thing any good?

    Looking for ways to modify my 2002 Honda Aquatrax F12 and saw this but am not sure if it's any good or just snake oil since I see it fools the computer via the iat to think the air temp cooler than it is. It does say it adjust the fuel trims but doesn't elaborate. Thanks for looking!

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    If the MODS read this I put the thread in the general forum because I can't get anyone here in the Honda section to answer any questions. I guess I should make a new thread and not mention that I have a Honda, the tuner in question is for all types of ski's.

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    Well, how the Honda engine responds to the manipulated sensor signals is what you are asking about, correct?

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    That kit is BULLSHIT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Well, how the Honda engine responds to the manipulated sensor signals is what you are asking about, correct?
    Not exactly, I know how tuning works, I have a supercharged Challenger (not hellcat), and several other engine mods so I understand tuning and what it does I just want to know if this tuner is worth a darn and actually allows you to change fuel and spark, not just fool the ECU into thinking the incoming air is cooler than what it is, you can do that with a resistor that cost less than 2 bucks. Thank you though for responding!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurricane1000 View Post
    That kit is BULLSHIT!
    Thanks, that's what I want to know! Now, is there anything out there that will work or am I poop outta luck and just be happy with what I've got.

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    Sort of old post, but yes, Magnumtuning is pretty much make believe. There is not a SINGLE actual demonstration I could find of anything. For sure the RPM thing is a total joke - are you freaking kidding me - take the ECU apart, take out the "crystal oscillator" and put in their thingy? I don't think so. I have some specialized solder/desolder stuff and newer circuit boards are not for anyone but an expert to mess with. There is not a single example of ANY ECU they took apart. Only a kids sketch of how it is supposed to work. Junk.

    Another "product" is just a variable resistor that supposedly can alter sensor signals. Again, NO actual details anywhere. BBB has several complaints filed against them. I guess they won't answer phone and give you the run around in emails. They actually claim they remap the fuel, which is total crap. Modifying the sensor data only works for a narrow range. Those internal maps cover various RPM, throttle settings, etc. All you are going to do is mess stuff up. Those tables are made for specific sensor input data.

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    Good morning randomlag, thank you for your answer and yeah it sounds like a piece of crap and rip off for sure. I've come to the conclusion that there's really nothing I can do to this ski to make any more real power, can't even build the engine it self since on one tunes them, so I'll just continue to enjoy it and when I can I'll get a newer ski, that I can modify if I feel the need to do so. Thanks again!

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