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    2003 gtx 4 tec supercharged gauges dead

    My gauges are not working long beep then short beeps, so I have read a few forums and have spent hours going through the electrical with no results. The machine operates excellent, performance is there, used in fresh water, never sunk, new battery with proper voltage. I have checked the connector up front behind the panel in storage area which feeds the gauges, the power wire shows 2.5V to ground (low), the power I have learned is the purple wire going to gauges at this plug however the feed from the harness or other half of plug is white with red, I have chased this back to the MPEM plug 1 and wire is good back to plug up front. Pins in plug 1 had some minor corrosion so I carefully cleaned all pins, and tried to clean sockets in plug (tough to do) still nothing, all pins are straight no misalignment. I have checked with DESS plugged in for power at 2 amp fuse it is there and drops out when key is unplugged. I have also checked the 1 amp fuse at plug 2 with and without DESS and same. So I have come to some conclusions
    1) Socket for the white with red wire in plug 1 is bad not making good contact with pin, the socket does have continuity to front I used a pin in the socket and checked to front plug.
    2) I am just guessing here but could DESS key, even though works as does the learning DESS, cause the gauge 12Volt feed to not come on, could just replacing DESS fix the issue.
    3)MPEM 12V feed to gauges is bad (replace MPEM)

    So if I have voltage at fuse when DESS is plugged in does it just go to through fuse then to pin at plug 1 or through electronics in MPEM then to pin.

    I am pretty certain gauges are good and not getting the 12V so my big question is, what do you guys think is next step, DESS, MPEM. Can I unplug plug 1 on MPEM and using DESS key see if I have 12 volts at pin feeding white with red to gauges or with plug 1 removed does everything go dead. My brain is fried and if I knew a new MPEM would fix it I have no problems buying one rather be it DESS though LOL. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Assuming the wiring is the same as 05, the power to the gauges is Red/black for positive and black negative. The white/red and white/black are for canbus (data) from the MPEM. rest of the wires are for air temp and compass (if equipped) sensors.
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    good luck, your going to need it
    maybe replace dash with a used one...
    if it runs good just unplug the dash
    then there will not be any beeps
    and just run the old girl

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    Thanks for the information, I will definitely check the MPEM using a needle through the back of the power connection at 1-23, if dead I guess bad MPEM, if there then the job of chasing it back will be the solution. Gauges were up and running this year and machine is in excellent condition, low hours stored inside so don't mind spending a few bucks on her.

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    Ok found the problem, power wire from MPEM connector 1 to gauges has broken off in the plug, some minor corrosion. Have the pages from manual on how to change but do not know what pin to buy or crimper, these are very tiny. Does anyone know the make of the plug and pin part number for that make (actually it is the female recepter for the pin in the MPEM). Thank god, I double checked and powered this wire up with plug inserted and key in and gauges came up. I have one word of advice when working in the area of the MPEM, there is razor edges on the MPEM bracket that cut the shit out of your hands, be prepared to bleed is the thing I was reading about and it is definitely true!

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    Disclaimer -been a long time since I worked on these so this info may be incorrect.

    As I recall the MPEM connector is AMPSEAL which is a TE connectivity product. Take a look at connector part number 770520-3. The -3 is gold tipped, the -1 standard. Used digikey in the past to buy connectors, seals and whatnot. Any "B" style crimper should do the trick.

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