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    Question Kawi 2016 310R LOW RPM

    UPDATE: I changed the plugs, it runs like a champ again! Dealer charged for new plugs but they did not perform that service.

    Need help diagnosing please. My 2016 310R (90 Hours) will not reach past 4300 RPM, fast/slow key does not matter. End of last year, I had it winterized because it was running really rough, sounded like it was missing. I have my doubts that they changed the plugs because it ran the same as before. I do not trust this dealer, doing everything I can to avoid them ever again. It needed a oil change, after completing the oil change, it will not go past 4300 RPM. Top speed is 30-35 MPH. Beginning of 2019 season, it would reach 63 and scream through the water. Ran in fresh water only.

    Any input or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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    Very interesting, maybe some kind of limiter is triggered? Need to reset errors?

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    Possibly bad gas, plugged injectors, etc.

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