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    Yamaha vx bad start while warm

    So I have this little problem on 09 vx, it has 590hrs on it.
    When engine is cold it fires right up,but when I ride it for some time and stop it for half an our or more then its cranking a little bit until starts,then when starts it idling on low rpm until I accelerate and after everything is ok,if i turn it off and start on again it fires right up,problem is only when it stayed off for a while.
    Engine is good,spark plugs are new had a few hrs on it,battery also new,oil and filter changed recently,no error codes.

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    This sounds like a battery charging issue potentially. I would keep an eye on the volt hours on the display while riding.. perhaps carry a multimeter one time to double check the battery volts. I'm just finishing up replacing the battery rectifier on my vx110 deluxe. Brand new battery but wasn't charging while riding, would occasionally start at resting cold temp.

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    Spark plugs can be intermittent faulty with temps. That rough idle simply could be one cyl dropping out. I'd rotate a spare set in just because. Injector could do that too. Sometimes even the ECU "shorts" the injector to always on.
    You could get a live YDS session on it to check the values of the senors, pulse the spark and pulse the injector tests.
    There's a vac sensor on the intake manifold. Good idea to check all switch status and temp senors as well.
    Some VXs had issues with the fly-by-wire servo - yet that would typically throw an error.

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    remove injectors and have them cleaned and tested for possible leaking fuel when the engine is off. sounds like they are leaking when off and the engine is flooded on the restart. Or the ecm is going bad and the injectors to stay open after the engine is shut off. Injector test and cleaning is where i would start first since you have several hours of use on this ski and the cost to have them tested and cleaned is way less than replacing the ecm. most places charge $15 to $20 each to test/clean them if you take them in to them. Tommy Jordan

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    Thanks for reply everyone,first thing battery is good,volt hours on display are fine.
    I will check the situation with other spark plugs,also i will clean the injectors.
    But,if the injectors are bad and leaking,then it should also start bad and idle rough,right? This happens only when the engine stays a while warm,when cold fires right up.

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    I put other set of spark plugs,not new but functional. Still the same.
    All switches seems in good condition,in couple days I will check injectors.
    Could it be temperature sensor,what are the simptoms?

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    Any updates? I have a 2007 VX with the same problem.

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