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    Ski cover bled into paint.

    Not cool!!!! Has anyone heard of or experienced this. I have a 2019 FX HO only a few months old. Just bought a cover from couple weeks ago. Iíve had the cover on since it arrived, itís rained a few days, sunny a few days. Nothing extreme, temperatures between 65-80F.
    Took the cover off the other day and noticed a red blotchy patch on the ski. Itís not everywhere, but very noticeable. Cover is mostly black with a red stripe down the middle Iíve tried auto wax, no luck. Thinking itís gone thru the clear coat. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    my '15 is black, oem cover, can't speak for any other covers ?. what i can tell ya is, MAKE SURE YOU PROTECT THE FINISH IF YOU TRAILER YOUR SKI WITH COVER ON !. i went and purchased some very soft cotton from hobby lobby, cut and sewed each piece to the oem cover under it, so now when i trailer it, or even when it sits ?, i do not worry about it scratching my paint on my ski.

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    Mahalo for the reply!!
    I haven’t trailered with the cover on yet but will keep that in mind if I do.
    I don’t wanna put that same cover back on my precious ski and have it cause more bleeding. I called the company but it was closed for the day, sent an email with my info, waiting for a response. Will update after I make contact.

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    Mahalos - I lived in Hawaii for 12 yrs once - miss the islands.
    On clear coat... I almost 100% certain Yamaha does not apply clear coats to their skis. Rather, its likely a single-stage color gloss, which is not good for this situation, as there is nothing to buff-out.
    If your paint is white, cover is black, and the bleed is reddish - that does indeed sound like the dye matrix for the black ink in the cover, aka has leeched into the paint, or worse, chemically reacted with the paint.

    If the dye was capable to bleed from the cover, we could also say it is not a strong dye, cheap, thus might also not hold up to the environmental very well. So along these lines, hope in time it will fade out on it's own (might try keeping out in the beautiful full tropical sun for a straight week or two) in hopes the UV can "bleach" the dye away.

    Speaking of bleaching, you could also attempt a diluted solution of water soap & bleach (very mild), dampen a towel or rag, and lay this against the affected areas, keeping the rag wet with the solution for a few hours. Return to sun, then repeat. This would be my "last resort" attempt however.

    Finally, if this is due to a reaction between the chemicals in the cover and paint itself, those painted areas might be subsequently weakened of course.

    Of course you can attempt litigation/compensation from the cover mfg - yet time money and energy don't always make it that sensible.

    I'm really hoping the sun UV can help your situation. {shaka}

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