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    01 GP1200R won’t pull RPM’s after going pre-mix

    Just as stated, went pre-mix because of a loose oil injection line. Just put ski in the water to test holeshot kit and took a small ride. The ski won’t rev up in the water, it is fine on the trailer.

    We also did the impeller seal kit too. We never had a problem until now.

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    I should add that we also clunked the fuel lines and double fed the carbs. I did pour some pre mix down the bores to prevent any oil issues at start up.

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    Did this loose oil line cause a failure of one piston/cylinder?

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    Myself ... I do not have any reason to believe that cylinder went bad. We didn’t seem to lose power the last time out. I pulled the plugs and looked at the pistons and all seemed fine. But I guess anything is possible.

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    Check compression, betting it scored that cylinder.

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    Yeah.... I’m hoping it’s fuel related. I’ll have to check it when I get home from the cottage tomorrow.

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    Had the same problem with my xlt 1200s last week. not full rpms, lacking power under load. went relatively quickly from there to lost rear cylinder, so spend some time looking before you jump back in the water...check compression on all three and then look at possible vacuum leak or carb issues.

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    I’ll post up what I find. Kinda sucks for my son, it’s his ski. We found a R&D ride plate and ground it to 5* and also installed a R&D intake grate and the pump seal kit, making sure nothing was hanging out.
    Fingers crossed!!

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    Now thinking about what you said regarding a vacuum leak, I wonder if we're sucking air after doing the fuel lines and block off kit??

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    Ok.... here’s the numbers on dry cylinders:
    1 = 110
    2 = 120
    3 = 100

    The strange thing is that #2 is the one the line cane off of.

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