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    FZS Leaking (when docked/not running)

    Hi All-

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Have found a tonne of useful information on this forum over the years- so thanks to all!

    Have an '09 FZS SHO (owned since new) been a great ski- but I've developed a leak? Was hoping it would be obvious as it seems to fill quickly (not running in the water)- honestly was expecting a hole or hull damage.. but can't find anything, pulled the ski- ran it on the hose no obvious leaks..

    Will fill it with water and hoping to find it, best places to look? Seems alot of focus on the transom plate, but would this leak when not running?

    Thanks!! Oh and the obvious- yes the plugs are in and tight.


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    It's leaking when running but if you still have the bailers hooked up it's constantly taking the water out as your moving

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    Tks.. Yes, I'm sure the leak is there when it's running too. Lol

    What I'm saying is if I empty the hull (on the lift) and lower the ski back in the water (without running it) the hull fills back up.

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    look at the rubber hose that covers the drive shaft in the bottom rear center of hull, transom plate, check for any damage to the ride plate mounting surface, and look for cracks around the prop area in the pump tunnel. My GP1800 was taking on more water than usual so I removed the ride plate and intake grate and sealed around the bolt holes and used teflon tape on the bolts...much drier now. you should be able to fill the hull with water and look for a leak.

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    I just had my intermediate bearing replaced and it was doing that luckily I had done under warranty because itís about a 1500 fix

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks like worst case scenario.. cracked hull.

    Suspect this isn't repairable.. what's the cause on low hr ski only 100hrs.

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    Sry.. it's a terrible spot to get a picture of while on the trailer, see if this one is any better... Click image for larger version. 

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    your screwed if that is the pump area.....only way I know to fix it is the remove the engine so that you can get at both sides with epoxy resin and glass.....bad spot for a crack. My uncles cracked in the tunnel area ( impact with a tree ) and he wound up getting a bare hull and transferring the motor, pump,grate etc.

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