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    yamaha wavejammer

    I was looking at and i saw this picture of a 87 wavejammer

    It got me curious as ive never seen one anywhere on the internet beforehand, and definitely not in real lifeand i was wondering if anyone has some knowledge about them or maybe even has ridden one before. Are they rare? are they desireable? did yamaha not make that many of them? what are they like to ride?
    thanks for reading!
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    They were a first generation yamaha watercraft and were dinosaurs within a couple of years. In stock form they are slow and prone to cavitation. Not to mention they are relatively flat on the bottom and you cannot easily steer where you want to go.
    The 500cc stock engine was a boat engine that yamaha adapted for personal watercraft. It has something like 30 horsepower. Skis just a couple of years newer were a huge improvement in power and handling.

    Now upgrade the engine to a 650 or 701 add a scoop grate to get rid of the cavitation and you have a playful ski with decent power that does endless 180's and spins. It rides a little like a kawasaki x2, except it slides out a lot easier. There are some videos up on youtube worth checking out.

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    First ski I ever rode. Had a buddy that bought one in 1997. Hooked on PWC's ever since.
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