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    Changing CDI caused a need to rejet? Raider 701

    I lost spark on my 95 raider 701. Thing has been a tank for the last 4yrs I've owned it, ran perfect. Traced it back to a bad CDI. Easy enough. Got a replacement 62t cdi and put it in. Thing is, when I pulled the bad cdi out, it was a 6m6 unit. My only thought was "cool, I should get a few hundred more rpm's from the 62t unit and maybe some more power".
    Turns out, I got less power. Way less. The tuning is way off now. Feels rich in all area's. Tuned low speed adjuster down and it helped the idle. Gonna have to rejet to clear up the rest of the curve. Already pulled carbs to confirm they are clean as can be.

    I've never heard of needing to rejet for an ignition with superjets. Is this a sitdown thing? Or, and this is reaching, could the pop off's have somehow gone bad over the winter sitting and be causing these issues?

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    This sounds like a weak spark condition to me, causing your rich mixture.

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    The only weird thing is now the ski fires up as soon as I think about touching the start button, even when its been sitting for days. The past 4yrs have required a good 4-5 seconds of cranking before it would fire since I never used the choke. Ill check resistance on the coil.

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    Man.... maybe that replacement CDI box has a different curve or something built in it??

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