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    2006 GP1300R Problems. Help!

    Going to try and keep this from being a mile long thread. This is my first jet ski. I am having issues with the two cylinders closest to the rear of the ski running lean, they seem to be white on the electrode and a little blistered looking on the tip. But black around the ring itself. I bought this ski on a deal knowing it needed some work. I tested compression and had between 130-135 on each cylinder the day I bought it. First thing I found was the catalytic converter had broken and clogged the exhaust of course. I went ahead and did the D-Plate right then and even after that i'm still not right. It almost seems like i'm getting a misfire, as well as bogging at various RPM. At WOT I'm only running 47mph. The guy claims the "tune" may not be right, but it does not have a programmer installed. He also claims it was bored .30 as well but who knows. Rode it today for about 12 miles and it just never came around and ran right. I was thinking maybe a tuner next or plug wires. Any help would be appreciated.

    Things I have done since the D-Plate:
    Replaced two injectors
    Replaced a couple reeds that were a little rough
    Checked intake boots/rubber seals
    New fuel pump and strainer
    Went to pre-mix at 40:1 (Klotz R50)

    I don't think I am forgetting anything. I'll post pics of the plugs soon.

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    did you figure out the problem? I

    'm having a similar issue but with cylinder 1 running lean, plug looks about the same as yours but it runs good with no noticeable effects.

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