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    Cleaning metal shavings out of a svho

    Looking for some advice. So last week I had a cam gear bolt back itself out. Luckily it decided to fall completely out when I went to start the ski. It ended up jammed between the cam gear and the chain. As it was working itís way out, it was rubbing on the valve cover creating very fine aluminum shavings. It looks like glitter in my oil. So I have the engine pulled waiting on parts and in the meantime Iím trying to clean out the engine. So far Iíve been pouring fresh oil over the valvetrain and down the front cover in an attempt to flush the shavings to the pan. I pulled the oil pump, cooler, supercharger, clutch, idler and flushed them with oil. I also pulled the oil pan, removed the baffle plate and pipe and gave them a good cleaning. Any other suggestions on what I should do? I didnít see any evidence of shavings on the valvetrain, which makes sense because the oil flows down the timing area last. So Iím hoping that the majority of the shavings ended up in the oil pan, it looked that way when I pulled the pan. I also plan on changing the oil and filter soon after I get it running again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds like you got it all. When you go to prime motor leave the oil filter slightly loose with a rag around it. Prime the motor until oil comes out the filter and tighten. Then a final prime.


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    Ok thank you, I’ll do that. It’s too bad you can’t prime these with a drill like a Chevy small block.

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    Will threebond 1211 work to seal the oil pan? I have a brand new tube in the garage. Or should I get the 1280b (yamabond #4) as the manual states?

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    threebond should work ok also, be sure surfaces are clean of any oil, i use laquier thinner

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    Ok I’ll try it out. Thank you.

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    Ok, so I got the ski back together and ran it easy for about 30mins. All seems to be good. I pumped out as much oil as I could (a little over 3 1/2 quarts) and could still see some fine aluminum shavings in the oil I removed. I changed the filter and refilled it and plan on running it some more and then changing it again. Should I be worried about the shavings in the oil causing damage to any internal parts? Or should the filter eventually catch it all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac800 View Post
    Should I be worried about the shavings in the oil causing damage to any internal parts? Or should the filter eventually catch it all?
    I would recommend a very high-quality oil filter like Mobil one or Amsoil oil filter.They are very high-quality oil filters and will filter down to 10 microns

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    Ok, would you happen to know the filter number for either of those?

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    This is just my opinion but if you can still see metal shavings (which doesn't surprise me) then any decent filter will be good! I'd change the oil and filter again and again if that happened to one of my skis. I wouldn't worry about using the very best oil or the very best oil filter. I'd just be trying to wash all the loose shavings out of the engine and into the filter and the oil. My opinion: I wouldn't waste money on Yamalube for all these oil changes. I'd use a less expensive oil and an aftermarket filter, i.e. NAPA Gold or Motorcraft. When I was reasonably sure I had most of the shavings out then maybe I'd go to a filter like cjk suggested. Just my opinion.

    If you've got damage to internal parts, there's nothing you can do about it now. Undoubtedly there is some wear due to the shavings but is it enough to cause any problems?

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