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    Fx svho or gp1800r svho....sorry to beat a dead horse, I swear I searched lol

    So Iím in the market for a new ski. apparently at the worst possible time too lol. I have been set on a gp1800r svho but theyíre proving to be impossible to find. I have a lead on a place that MIGHT be getting one in a week or two but thatís it. Iíve also got another place with fx svho right now. Iím undecided on what I should do. From what Iíve seen the fx is a little slower mod for mod, but by how much? 2-3mph or 5+? The additional features of the fx are nice, not a need for me, but Iím sure I wouldnít mind having them. And rough water capability seems to be better. If I could test drive each this would be easy but obviously thatís not how the world works so Iím hoping your guys impressions and opinions can help

    how much slower is the fx mod for mod than the gp1800r? Whatís its max ďreliableĒ potential, compared to the gp?

    and letís talk a little about water conditions. How are the two in rougher water? For comparison Iím familiar with the older rxp215, aquatrax r12x, and the kawi 300x. Iím not expecting 300x type of rough performance but would like something better than the rxp215. I get that the fx will be better than the gp, but where do these two sit in comparison to the above mentioned?

    i appreciate the help and sorry about the dead horse. Iím doing a ton of searching too

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    I'm in the same position but I'm going back and forth between gp1800r-fxsvho and the gtx 300 and rxtx 300

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    Hopefully for your sake they have things in stock near you. I can’t find a single one in stock up here lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by T-G View Post
    I'm in the same position but I'm going back and forth between gp1800r-fxsvho and the gtx 300 and rxtx 300
    We have a Gp1800 and a 2019 RXTX300, depends on your riding and what you want it for. Both have strengths and weaknesses but overall fantastic skis. Shoot me a PM if you want any info.

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