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    Waverunner starts on its own

    Today I towed my 2000 suv 1200 4 miles from its storage To my house. I pulled up on the front and got out of the car to find my ski had started itself and was running on the trailer. There was no key in, no choke pulled out and the fuel switched off. Immediate reaction was to turn it off but the stop button wouldnít work. In a panic I started to run for a screwdriver to disconnect the battery but I heard the ski cut out (probably ran out of the fuel that was left in the line). Iím not sure how long it was running as I was driving for about 6 minutes. At a guess Iím thinking itís the starter/relay. Anyone have any other ideas?

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    I'd have to agree with you, unless your kill switch is bad and shorting out??

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    I replaced the relay yesterday so will have to see how that pans out. The relay I took out looked newer than the brand new one I put in. Looks like it’s not long been replaced. It was impinging a wire that said “3” on it when it was screwed into position so maybe that was the problem. I wrapped the squashed wire in insulation tape and tucked it out of the way. Fingers crossed ����

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    Really check the ski/engine over before you put it back on the water. If the motor was running without cooling water, you probably cooked it and anything connected to it.


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