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    Question another big pin small pin green head question

    ive searched and found soo much info that is contradicting and confusing. i have a 92 750ss (family ski) motors grey and so is cylinder head, i have a 94 or 95? 750ssxi also. the previous owner rebuilt the xi etc,, he painted the motor black. swears its a big pin motor. i scraped the paint off the motor and the head. the head is lime green and the block is grey/silver.. i just got a mint colored green head. id like to get the lime green head milled and the mint head milled. are these the good heads? lime green and mint. does it sound like my xi has a big pin motor in it?its got the dual carbs etc... and how much should i get milled?not looking for nothing crazy just a little bit more umph!was gonna pt the lime green head on the SS and the mint green head on the xi? does that sound like a good plan? thank you very much.i am not new to the sport just have benn out of it for years (life career and family) and im back in to it. both skis have usual bolt ons. premix ride plates intake grates both have solas impellers etc...

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    will some one tell me if these heads are worth a Damm

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    Damm. I thought you-all would know

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    Don't get mad at us, dude! You don't even know what year 'Ski you have--and it makes a difference. It's about 25 years old and somebody may have swapped engines.

    How many nuts on the intake manifold?

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    Try pwctoday, those 750s are way more popular in stand ups and x2 then they were in sit downs. They are quite under powered to be honest...

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    thanks for some kind of respone. I do appreciate it. I'm banned for life from PWC today.. I. just gon a pull the head and compare all 3. the smallest cu. bustion chamber will go on my xi and the the runner up on the family ss.thanks guys

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