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    Odd place to leak

    My ski started taking on water. I got it home and put a hose in the bilge and water started coming from the driveshaft tube.
    I drained the bilge and aimed the garden hose into the driveshaft tunnel. The water is coming between the rubber and the metal it's molded to.
    The one missing bolt I removed to get a better look.

    I had some derin washers that was large enough to cover the counter bore in the rubber from the factory and fit the bolts. I put RTV on them and bolted it up only doing one bolt at a time as to not disturb the alignment. After the RTV setup I retested it and no leaks. I and going to order a new one and replace it. I'm hoping it will make it through Saturday.
    Is this a common failure point?

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    Very common. Buy a polyurethane replacement from Rhaas. It costs about the same as OEM. $$$

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