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    Have you removed the carbs and disassembled? Lets start with the basics those o-rings rarely cause an issue and just adding an electric fuel pump isn't going to replace them.

    A member on pwctoday did fit an electric pump, i just dont see the need.

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    The carbs are off but that is all. Haven't had it in me to mess with it. Maybe this weekend.

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    You wont be touching any of those o-rings during cleaning

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    It has more issues than my ex-wife

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    Sounds like the carbs are the cause of your multiple failures

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    Yeah thats what I was thinking. Or something to do with fuel/oil. It had 6+ hours on it. Ran great and I just rebuilt the damn pump. The first time it was #1 and it was a perfect storm. I didnt know what to check. # 2 oil line came off and it hit a big wake. When it landed I think the oil pump cable jumped off because the nimbrod that put it on had it on wrong. It was angled to the outside of the guide had just needed a nudge to jump off. Now its #3.
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    If oil pump cable comes off it defaults to full flow

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    Really. Thats interesting. Strange as well. This was in SeptemberClick image for larger version. 

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    Looks like a saltwater 'Ski.

    Don't give up!

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    Im trying not to. I think they both were. I bought them as a pair. The stxr and the VX. Fort Lauderdale. I have clean up alot on the stxr that could be. The lower case not so much.

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