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    Yeah. Both times. Those carbs are unlike anything I have ever messed with. Which isn't much. Nothing like a 72 bmw motorcycle carb. Im looking into how they work but is there a valve that lets the oil into the carb itself? Because I tried blowing into all 3 and no go. Is the OEM oil system the best way to go or run the 2 to the balance and run premix. Reading up on the other. Hopefully it shows something. Thanks again

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    There is a valve that allows the oil to flow in. I believe the oil "pop off" pressure is ~4 psi. The fuel pop off pressure is ~16 psi. It is a good idea to test both while you have the carbs out.

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    How do I go about doing that test.? Hook up to the oil port on the carbs?

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    Just blow brake cleaner through all the valves then follow with fogging oil. I have yet to see on of these valves go bad.

    Your not far from having the engine on the bench...

    Carba pretty straighy forward, do you have a manual?

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    No but I can look it up. There is a copy on Scribd. I couldn't put air through any of them I did pull the plate off and it looked clean. But I have yet to check the screen you mentioned. Im guessing its under that plate and rubber gasket? Take the little rock valve and seat out if I understood that other thread of Beekermartin.

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    When I installed the new pump i prefilled the lines and bled the pump. Premix was in the tank so I had it at idle and WOT the oil pump until the bubles were gone. Unless its a pump issue. Im assuming it goes in only 1 way. Also is there a reason why the holes in the cylinder gaskets are just a fraction of the size of the actual cylinder and head? Thats a lot of water restriction. Just wondering because I have never seen a headgasket like that.

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    Its under the needle and seat, you dont wanna blow compressed air through any of these check valves could damage them

    Not sure, bet it has to do with restricting the flow and keeping cylinder temps more even. Say if you change the pisser fitting it will flow more and ski will go into limp mode

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    I just used a piece of tubing and blew in it.

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    You can't blow through that oil fitting with your mouth.

    You need to fabricate a gauge setup with a 0-25 PSI gauge. The pop-off for the oil valves is about 4 PSI, the fuel pop-off is about 15 PSI. Rig up a needle valve so you can feed it air slowly. When I test them, I run my compressor, than close off the valve on the compressor and just use the air charge in the hose. I also bleed that down to about 20 PSI before ever applying pressure to a carb.

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    So after reading 112 pages of the other thread it would lead me to think mine is fuel as well. Just a thought but has anyone run and electric fuel pump on these since it has a return line. With all of the tiny o rings on this thing and not knowing its past it seems like it will turn into more of a restoration project the anything else. My other option is use a Yamaha motor my buddy is building for a wave blaster. Just thoughts because im a little irritated at this point that I didnt do research before I bought it. The other one that came with it is having issues as well. 09 Yamaha vx that wont go past 7k and 40mph. Overwhelmed

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