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    Combining a 750 XI Super Sport and a 750 SXI

    Hello Friends,

    Seeing as this is my first post I will start with a fun one. I currently have a 1993 750 Xi Super Sport with a head sized hole in the hull and a solid motor. My uncle has just informed me that he has a 1995 750 SXI stand-up in his garage that does not have a motor. Our original plan was to put a triple cylinder 1100 in the stand up and make a franken-ski but for now I just want something to ride this summer so the 750 will do.

    Both of my uncles are car mechanics and have been riding stand-up skis for the better part or thirty years and can answer most of questions but not all which is where you all come in! Now my biggest concern is if the Jet Pump of the sit-down ski will bolt up to the stand up and if it is the same inside size (more thrust than a stock stand-up).

    Also if there is anything else about this conversion that I should know about/prepare for? I am around 90% sure that everything else even down to the exhaust system is the exact same but if not my uncle has some aftermarket stand up parts lying around that I can throw in if need be.

    Is there anything I should do to either the hull or the engine before I put them together? I do plan on doing some performance work to the motor starting with bolt on stuff like exhaust and air cleaner.

    I am excited to be a part of this community!

    Thank you

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    as with most open element air cleaners, you should jet it accordingly.

    and sometimes a stock waterbox is going to be better for fun riding, because with some race boxes, they lose alot of low end grunt.

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    It is believed that this is only more of a problem. How is the flight?

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