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    Kawi 2008 STX 15F no spark?

    Ok guys - I'm back with more questions: Kawi 2008 STX 15F no spark ?

    I had some injector issues before (see below for all the things I've done to the ski) and got it mostly resolved long enough to flush. I had to take off - so now it is 3 weeks later and it is not firing up. It cranks but it seems like it is not getting spark (I have a video if that helps).

    First I did check that the cylinder wasn't flooded and checked the rail and injectors again to make sure that they were squirting in sequence.

    Then I replaced the plugs with 4 new ones from NGK - I know these aren't supposed to be tightened too much but I would like to know how much of a turn past hand-snug I should turn them - any hints?

    Then I tried to check the plug wires to see if they were live/hot but I don't know a lot of how to use this multimeter. When I attached it with the DCV 200 connection. I had red in the plug wire and black on the black battery terminal. Even without cranking it I was getting readings on it.
    Am I setting it right?
    Is there a better ground option that the battery terminal?
    What readings should I be seeing before cranking? While cranking?

    If it's not the plug wires, then what upstream should I check next?

    For background, I am a ski newbie but here is what I have done so far:

    - drained fuel tank and flushed the rail
    - replaced fuel pump, sock, and inline filter
    - removed the plugs to address flooded cylinder (injector was stuck open - thanks steve45)
    - cleaned and replaced the bad injector
    - replaced the plugs
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    If you're trying to measure the firing voltage on the spark plug wires, that meter won't work. The voltage is in the 20,000+ volt range and it will just damage your meter. Checking with a spark plug gap is really about the only way to test it.

    You can test the coil resistance with an ohmmeter. I don't know what the specs are on those coils, but across the primary wires (the two that plug into the harness) the resistance should be pretty low, about 2-5 ohms or so. The secondary (the spark plug wire terminal to one of the primary wires) will probably be 10,000 ohms or so.

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    again you nailed it - thanks Steve

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    So what was the no spark cause.

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