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    Yes, definitely had a lil more bounce at full speed, but not too bad for average lake conditions, felt much faster, factory speedo went back working with this set up, but logged the same exact top speed as it did yesterday with no shims on gps (phone).. I also put my fuel pressure back to static today, I don't think my rising rate was working right, may have held me back a lil yesterday idk.. gonna try again tomorrow with a few more shim set ups and see what I like best.

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    U can see here with no shims plate sits quite a bit lower Click image for larger version. 

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    And here with 2 shims front, it basically dead evenClick image for larger version. 

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    Let us know how this works out. I am going thru the same thing.

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    Tried 1 shim in each side on front and 1 shim on each side in back, absolutely terrible, slower and very very bouncy

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    After trying multiple different shim set ups i never found my speed from my last outing with the r&d plate. I began to go over the ski trying to find something. Turned out being bad plugs, I put new plugs in a lil over a month ago, rode for a few hours and then ski set for at least 3 weeks. Installed Jim's cut plate during this time. Changed plugs again and started over testing new plate, got my speed back!! I ended up prefering 1 shim each side in front. This set up averaged the highest mph and acceleration seemed better. 2 shims seemed like it may have had some drag to it, but it was very planted. My r&d was still just a lil faster (1mph) but could only reach those speeds in flat water. With Jim's plate I could hit pretty good size chop at full speed with no problems, I am really liking this plate now.

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    My old SHO liked 1 shim in front and none in rear.

    M new SVHO I have not tried that plate yet and been running my Deans team plate with his shims.. I need to test with shims and with out and then try the Jims plate and see what it does or does not pick up.

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