i resume everything about this PWC:
- model polaris virage 700 y 2003 single carb red engine runs only on salt water
- pwc is completely original, and engine was rebuild 2 times (coz of usage low psi) 1st time just top end 8 years ago and totally rebuild 3 yeas ago and at same time was rebuid carburator.
- its comes from an ex rental and just have two mods from previous owner, was disconnected speedometer hose and reverse gate
- it runs with specific 2 stroke oil (bardhal aquabike)
- over engine rebuil i told before was winterized every year , were changed spark, were dried tank, and when needed where changed drive shaft bearings carbon seal etc.
- my friend is the owner form 3 year but he was use to rent it more on less from 2005/2006
i' ve checked al 3d on formun to look at the following issure...
when he start for 1st time (COLD) that pwc it runs great with no problem, but when he cut off engine he has problem to start it back. every time he did it he have to type security code and 50% of time he have to pull off and replace mfi connector to turn it on. somethimes even warning light flash and pwc dont go over 3k rpm sometimes after a bit 1- 2 minutes or more it runs normally. sometimes even display look like frozen and show simbols. this never happened before this summer
- we tryed new battery , new plug, reset display security code, we check and replace positive and negative wire and clean ground bold but nothing. all fuses are ok
- we by passed MFI jumping 1 and 3 pin, its seems ok but we are not sure coz there were huge waves and was dangerous to sail dinglly in event of not working

we will apreciate your help
tnx so much Lorenzo