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    1998 polaris slxh 1050 no spark unless ignition kill wire disconnected

    Okay guys i have a 98 polaris slxh with no spark and when i pull off the black and yellow wire in electrical box it all of the sudden has spark but will still not start! Is this a bad killswitch? I have brand new agm battery motor 120psi compression across the board and carbs have fresh rebuild!

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    Has this engine ever run for you?

    Original ignition system or Gen III upgrade kit installed?

    Does it start if primed with a teaspoon of gasoline down each carb throat?


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    Yes sir it ran last year its my buddy ski and im trying to fix it for him! We brang it out this season and tryimg running it and had spark tried running but was flooding out so i pulled air cleaned and was pooring fuel into center carb, so i removed carbs and found a bolt had fallin out inside carb so i went ahead and rebuilt carbs while i was in there! But in the process of first run he lost spark out of nowhere! We don't knoe if it has had a ignition update yet! The guy he bought it from 3 years ago took really good car and even gave it a sweet paint job! But beside the fact i pull the black and yellow wire in control box and boom spark! I poored a lil fuel in top of carbs and wont even attempt to start!

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    It stopped running because it lost spark. Now it has spark , but still does not run ?

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    Okay so it was starting but running bad and then it stopped running all together! I checked fuel and center carb was pouring fuel in carb then i checked spark and had no spark! I rebuilt carbs and found a bolt fell out in center carb and fixed that! Now i started on spark issue and i gain spark when i unplug black and yellow wire it has spark but still will not start or even attempt to!

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    is the black and yellow wire in the electrical box the killswitch?

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    Yes blk/yel is from the STOP switch. When grounded by switch, it shuts off CDI entirely. Once it is disconnected at CDI-stop switch will not cause no start.

    Need to get mag piston to top dead center,look through timing hole and veryify it is on "0".

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    Okay dumb question which one is the mag piston and is the timing hole on the cover in front of motor where flywheel and stator is?

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    Okay i assumed the front cylinder is the mag piston and got it to top dead center the best i could, and found the peep hole on top of timing cover and i can see the 0 but its not dead center of peep hole slightly to the right! Its possible i could be ever so slightly off on top dead center!Click image for larger version. 

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    i apologize to you guys i got fuel system primed and it fired up so i put a new fresh battery in it and plugged STOP switch back into electrical box and it fires right up so fuel and low battery was my issue! Now i just gotta get it in some water and tune the carb to run like a top thank you guys for the help!!!

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