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    Carb issues on 1995 SLT750, help

    Hi all, my sons jet ski set for several year and would not start. The issue was the carburetors were gummed up. I have cleaned and rebuilt the carbs, checked the pop-off pressure (ok) rest them to factor specs. checked the factor fuel pumps (5psi) good fuel flow. All the fuel lines are replaced. The gas tank has been drained and has new fuel.

    Here is the issue: When out of the water it idles good and has good throttle response, when in the water idles just fine but when giving it throttle it bogs down like it is starving for fuel. If I hold the chock out about halfway while giving it throttle it gets up and goes but if I let the chock go it bogs down and wont run.

    Question, should I be adjust the low speed adjustment out ( I have done this about a half turn 1/8 and a time and does not seem to help or do I need to go further. The high speed I have adjust a little but not much.

    Like I said it runs great as long as I hold the chock halfway.


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    Running out of water doesn’t tell you much. With no load on the engine they can sound just fine.

    what are the initial settings you have on the low and high speed needles? If the engine is healthy the OEM settings in the carbs works fine. I can’t recall in the ‘95 carb rack had the fuel restrictor built into the return line or if it still used the insert in the fuel hose. If you’re missing the restrictor it will reduce fuel delivery to the carbs.

    post pics of your carb rack so we can see what you have.

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    If you choke it, you're reducing the amount of air, thus increasing the amount of fuel for the amount of air you have. If you choke it and it runs better, it almost always means it's running lean.

    If you choke it and it gets worse, it's too rich. It's always better to be too rich.

    But if you are so lean that you have to choke it, the engine is still not getting enough fuel. You should check the fuel water separator, and make sure there's no leaks in the system where it's sucking in air. It can be something as simple as a loose hose clamp or the fuel/water separator not sealing up properly.

    If you are so lean the engine doesn't shut off when you pull the lanyard or press the stop button, you have to choke it to kill it. There is a massive air leak or a blockage in that case and blowing up the engine is very easy, especially if you have pre-mix.

    It can also be leaking around the base gasket or the intake manifold. Double check they are all torqued down and no gasket is missing.

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