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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelH View Post
    The reason I am convinced it has to do with pulse line is I have tested the following setup and still does not pump fuel.
    Put pump intake hose put directly into small gas can slightly below pump level

    Pulse line connected as usual ...

    ... I tested the pump integrity using air to make sure it is assembled correctly ...
    Double check that you are indeed connecting the pulse hose to the pump pulse fitting.

    Is this a genuine Mikuni fuel pump or aftermarket?
    Which pump version?

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    Fuel pump is Mikuni DF 52-92 35Ltrs/hr. 3 output.
    Definitely got the pulse line hooked up correctly.

    If I had it wrong that would be very humiliating but I would gladly take that over the current frustration.


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    I tested crankcase pressure on a 700 2 cyl. And had 4-5 psi and 4-5 inhg suction. If I remember correctly.

    You will need spark plugs installed. Crankcase is open to combustion chamber depending on piston location.

    The pump has one diaphragm, to get a full stroke it will need pressure then suction.

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    It sounds like everything up to the fuel pump is in order. Are you sure the check valves inside the fuel pump are sealing properly? They are convex shaped and are supposed to be oriented a certain way.

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