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    Should I change it or let it ride?

    Ive got a 2012 rxp-x 260 that just had itís 3rd intercooler start leaking ( the first 2 were covered under warranty). This last one only lasted 1 season of 10 hours with being flushed with salt away every ride (ski had a new one swapped in under warranty, then sat insides in my heated warehouse for a few years before being used last year). Ive finally decided to just go ahead and swap in a fizzle since Iím paying for it this time. Iíve got the old one out but the fizzle is on backorder 3-4 weeks.

    I just saw while I had all the tubing out that the top of the iBR actuator is looking very rusted and itís making me nervous. Itís never had any issues before but it doesnít look good. From my understanding even if I did swap it out for a new one Iíd have to bring it to a dealer to get it flashed by their BUDS software? Iím curious how everyone else would handle this, Ive got 3-4 weeks to wait for the intercooler anyway, but dont wanna spend 1200 on a part that isnít broken... yet. Should I just clean it with some rust inhibitor and let it ride for this season?

    Also looking for a little advice on the supercharger, the ski is a 2012 but only has 27 hours on it. I know they say to check the clutch every 2 years or 100 hours, at what point should I actually pull it out and have the slip checked or the supercharger rebuilt?
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    Clean it up and put some protective spray. Itís only the DC motor.
    Wise choice with the Fizzle. I run one for 5 years in salt.

    But start spraying some XPS spray in your engine bay after every ride.
    I know itís expensive but it keeps your engine and adapter loom protected. Especially in salt.

    For the SC as you have to wait anyway for the Fizzle better bite the bullet now and send it out to the forumís store.

    Also lubricate your throttle body thoroughly now the salt hit it again with the leaky IC

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    Yeah I do spray it down every time but I guess I wasn't getting back over there behind the intercooler and air hoses and wasn't hitting the actuator. The rest of the engine looks spotless. I kinda came to the same decision, I'm gonna pull the SC today and send it out shortly for a rebuild since I'm waiting on the fizzle anyway. I also already lubed up the throttle body when I took the intercooler out just cause it already had issues once when one of the past intercooler leaked so I already learned that lesson.

    Just tried pressure testing the intercooler and wasn't getting any water out of it, but when I had it on the ski and running on the hose when I increased over 3,000 rpms I started getting water out of the outlet hose. Blowing compressed air through it gets a ton of salt flying out the other side. Don't know why when I'm pressurizing it I'm not getting any water out now. Either way its not going back in the ski since the fizzle is on its way, just trying to narrow down why it was only getting up to 35mph at full throttle(which is what it did to me the last time the intercooler quit).

    I'm also going to install a strainer along the water inlet hose for the intercooler when I install the fizzle.

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