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    Piston damage, lean burn and piston ring issues

    Any idea what would cause this to happen (see attached pic), the PTO compression was 120 middle was 30 and MAG was 0. I don't have a baseline to start with, when I got the ski the impeller and shaft were stripped but it ran, after I fixed that I took it for a ride and it seemed to run great and quick but then died and wouldn't restart, I thought it was bad gas but after trying to start it at home I finally checked compression and that is what I found when I pulled the heads. The cylinders are still ok it just needs 2 new pistons, I have a rebuild kit on the way but want to make sure I take care of whatever may have caused this to happen.

    I have a triple outlet fuel pump that I will install and will make sure the restrictor is in the return line.

    I have a oil pump block off kit but am not sure if I should do it or not, there are a lot of opinions on doing this.

    Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks
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    Bad gasoline? Did you ride it fast with old fuel in the tank? How old?

    Have the carburetors been cleaned and rebuilt?

    What was the cylinder compression before the failure?

    What service and maintenance work was done other than the driveline repair?


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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Many problems with this.

    Pistons are installed wrong. Arrow faces to front of engine or exhaust port.

    Head gasket installed wrong. The UP is supposed to be readable.

    Is that water inside the cylinder? Rust orange color?

    Not enough fuel or air leak causing a lean condition and eating away the piston.

    Wasn't bad pistons. It was a bad install and bad tuning that damaged that engine.

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    Jesus H.... pistons installed incorrectly… Wow!!!!

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