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    99 yamaha waverunner xl1200 what is second cable on throttle pulley

    I pulled off the throttle pulley temporarily to get to the oil lines (replacing factory cable ties with clamps). There are 2 cables going to the throttle pulley, the throttle cable, and a second unknown cable. The second cable going to the throttle pulley retracted, and now wont give me enough slack now to go back on the pulley. The throttle cable is fine and operates freely. This second cable goes forward and down by front of motor somwhere, can't see where it goes to tell what it is for without pulling the front exhaust section out, which I really want to avoid.

    See pic. Anyone know where the second cable goes or what it is for? Governor? I can't find anything in online cable diagrams about it. Thanks for any advice/help.
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    That goes to the oil pump on the front of motor.
    Are you running premix or the stock oil injection??

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    Thanks for the info Keyzbum, that got me pointed to the right place in the service manual now, and I see the cable in the diagram. This is stock oil injection. What cause this was just removing the throttle pulley, the oil pump cable retracted, and now ithe oil pump cable wont pull back out to the length it was before removing the throttle pulley from the stem. Is there any trick to get the cable to return some slack? It appears from the diagram that there might be a spring loaded cam at the oil pump and of that cable putting tension on that cable? If so, any tricks to release that tension without pulling out the front of the exhaust? I see that job is not simple on this since 2 of the front exhaust bolts are difficult to reach. Thanks.Click image for larger version. 

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    Pulled the front exhaust and airbox and found the issue. The oil pump control lever will fall back past the operating range if no tension on the oil pump cable. Next time will remember to keep tension on that cable if removing it from the pulley so it does not retract at the oil pump side. Pic attached of the oil pump control lever. You will need a swivel on your 14mm socket extension to get to the upper left bolt in the front exhaust. Once that and the airbox are out, you can get to the oil pump, and rotate the control lever on the oil pump by hand to get the cable back on the pulley. The service manual also has guide in adjusting the oil pump cable (if needed). Thanks again Keyzbum for pointing me in the right direction!
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