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    Question Flushing question

    So this year I got a jetski dock at the marina by my house. I only keep it on the dock during the weekends Iím not
    crazy about just leaving my ski on a dock the entire summer. This is my first year trying this so hereís my question. How long can the ski sit without flushing? So for instance if I wanna go out a couple times a day do I have to flush every time I come bAck? If I plan on going back out in an hour or two is it ok to let it sit an hour or two with out flushing?

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    Flushing is needed to remove salt water or dirt (mud/sand/weed) from intercooler and exhaust system.
    Actually itís backflushing, itís inverted from the normal flow when the ski is in the water.

    So it really depends on your riding area.

    Iím riding 100% salt and I only do it at the end of the day when coming back home.

    If you drive in fresh clean lake water I would not even flush it on the dock. Only when back home, just to protect the carbon seal.

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