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    polaris genesis 1200 Floating bearing seal come out of housing

    H​as anyone ever had there floating bearing seal pop out of the housing? after doing a long ride yesterday i was cleaning my ski and noticed the seal had come out on the motor side. I had a little bit of water in the hull so the other side could of come out also. I will have to pull the pump out to inspect the other seals and bearing. What could i do to stop this happening again? The seals i used were not genuine they were from a local bearing shop here.

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    We heard of a couple popping out of the aftermarket "roller bearing" thru hull seal.
    And that was caused by grease pushing it out.

    There isn't a "genuine" Polaris made seal. The seals have an industry wide standard part # stamped into them. Not sure which company made them for Polaris.
    Some thread locker might help keep it in.

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    Your engine alignment could be off.

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    I done the engine alignment when i recently had the pump out. The seals i put in had a ruber coating and the original ones had a steel outer. When i installed them they went in pretty easy. Maybe i will have to try find some steel ones. I cant seem to find them here in Australia.

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