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    Did anyone find this on their Ride Plates?

    Just laying a square edge from front to back and side to side. I noticed that the ride plate is actually bowed in the middle going left to right and also from front to back.

    I though that the ride plates were supposed to be nice and flat for the most performance. Did anybody notice this when they went to tru their ride plates?

    Also one other interesting thing is that on the very back of the ride plate is angled at a couple of degrees. Is there a reason for that?

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    That would be the "hook" that you hear about.

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    Please refer to the post about "error posting pics" to see the pics i was talking about...

    Hydro was help me to load the pics onto the thread since i was having trouble. Thanks again hydro. Yellow

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    I'll end up deleting that thread, so lets definately figure out your posting issues.

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