Hi guys, Sorry this is going to be a little long. I bought a 2002 Auaquatrax F12 not quite two weeks ago, it runs great and was well taken care of, only issue is the dreaded polarization on the gauge cluster that I've read about. This is my first Jet ski so yes I am an FNG (military peeps will get that). So today I'm out enjoying the ski, had been for quite a bit of the day when all of a sudden I start getting a warning beep, I slowed to a stop and checked that pee hole for cooling water was running and it was, so I figured it probably wasn't over heating, several seconds later (probably close to a minute), it stopped. I figured I had better head back to shore and load the ski up, part way there it did it again and again I stopped, repeat the several seconds and it quit, so I continued on at a slow pace when just before shore it started again so I kept on to shore then loaded the ski. When I got home I checked to ensure there was nothing in the impeller, all was good so I decided to clean out the cooling system, started the ski and immediately the beeping started but I decided since it sounded to be running fine I'd ignore it for a minute or two, I turned on the water and let it clean out. While I was waiting it hit me that I hadn't filled up with fuel in a couple of days so I shut it down and grabbed the 2 gallons of gas I had for the lawn mower and dumped it in the tank, no more beeping so (yeah I know finally got to the question), am I to assume that the beeping was low fuel warning? Thanks for any replies/thoughts.