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    06 RXP Valve Train Noise

    Hey all. So just about finished getting a sunk ski going. Unfortunately early in the process I had sucked a paper towel into the PTO housing. We pulled the housing and cleaned everything. Looking at the oil circuit it seems any oil after the strainer and pump goes to the filter before going to the journals. With that context, Iíve got tons of valve noise and when running without the valve cover on, I would have expected to see some oil leaking down from the hydraulic lifters to cover the springs etc.

    My question is, what is this supposed to look like? Shouldnít there be oil flying all over? When testing the lifters by pushing on the rocker arms, some donít move at all. While others collapse entirely. I know these are not supposed to collapse entirely but now Iím wondering if itís because theyíre not filling with oil at all like their supposed to. Iím fully prepared to just go ahead and replace all the hydraulic valve adjusters, I just want to understand whatís going on here. This ski didnít have valve noise before. I def pumped a decent bit of milky oil through by cranking when I first started the project. Maybe that water damaged the hydraulic components? I find it highly unlikely a passage is clogged due to the oil circuit design.

    Here is a video of the valve train while running.

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    Buying the bolts this week and gonna see what I find when I take this apart. If anybody has a diagram or knowledge of the oil circuit that would be awesome.

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    Alright, so I removed the rocker shaft and cranked in drown mode with no plugs in. Zero oil coming out where it should for the rocker shaft. Removed the oil filter and zero oil is flowing into it. What baffles me is there is no oil pressure warning alarm. Previously there was an alarm but I changed the sensor and that went away at 3k rpm. I know the point of the oil filter pressure bypass is to continue to supply oil to the engine in the event it clogs. So I can rule that out. I wouldn’t think it’s possible for the oil pressure regulator to jam open to the point where oil doesn’t flow into the filter at all.

    If anybody understands the oil circuit please give me some tips to how it flows. I don’t have an engine hoist so removing the pto cover, for a second time, to inspect the rear oil pump is something I don’t want to do unless I absolutely have to. Oil level is 3/4 on the stick between the bends. We did a really good job cleaning out the paper towel bits in the pto but now I worried it wasn’t good enough and somehow the strainer is clogged, but why don’t I get an oil pressure warning then?

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    I spoke too soon. Turns out I had to crank it a good bit for the oil to pump up. Put filter on, cranked for like 15 seconds and oil was being delivered to the rocker shaft oil feed hole. I’m now reading that earlier model skis ignore the OPS until you’re above 3000rpm, having trouble finding that in the official maintenance manuals, but oh well. While testing today, even with a new OPS, I got a low oil warning. So...ordered an oil pressure gauge to help me diag more. I’m hoping the excessive top end noise is due to low oil pressure not pumping up the hydraulic lifters, and not rod knock or something worse. I verified some lifters just are not pumping up at all, others have remained pumped up.

    My theory is that with the gauge I’ll see decent pressure at idle, with pressure dropping as I pick up RPM which would indicate the pump is starved due to a clogged strainer.

    I find it less likely the oil pump is bad since it was fine before the ski was sunk.

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    Did you check the front oil pump for debris?

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    I didn't. Even though we pulled the PTO. I'll certainly check it this time because either way I'm gonna have to remove the PTO for a clogged strainer or a beat up pump.

    One of the first things I did as part of this project was remove the ceramic washers for new Riva steel ones. The ceramics were in good shape. The ski was running well before sinking.

    Quote Originally Posted by GTRD View Post
    Did you check the front oil pump for debris?

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    Alright, so I learned a lot. Bought a engine hoist from harbor freight for $200. Pulled the engine. Holy crap is PTO work easy with the engine out. PTO oil strainer was completely clogged with paper towel fibers. Cleaned it, put ski together. Issue came back after 5 minutes on the water. Pulled front oil strainer with engine in ski, only took about 30 minutes. Was also clogged, I was an idiot to not check that the first time. Issue still present. Pulled motor again (only took me 45 minutes that time, getting good at it, lol). PTO strainer clogged with less fiber, but enough to cause an issue. Decided I had enough and left the strainer out, I'd rather the paper fibers just enter the pump and end up in the oil filter than deal with pulling the pto a 4th time. Everything has been great since.

    Inspected both oil pumps, both have some scoring but oil pressure is good so I'm not gonna worry about that until next year if I decide to start tossing more money into performance modifications.

    Off topic. Now that it's running well, I need to replace the seat foam and cover somehow, any ideas? Will also be picking up the tools to sand, buff, and shine all of the faded gel coat. I'll prob be pulling most of the stickers, any design ideas?

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