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    You can ride it with the seat off, so you can watch the engine compartment and perhaps see where the water is coming in form.

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    I tried idling it with seat off and watching but not actually riding it, I will give that a shot. Really hoping the thru hull carrier didn't come up somehow I put an enormous amount of 5200 on/under it

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    Yes you should of used silicone on the back of that holder...

    You will have to ride it to see the leak

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    Loosen the driveshaft holder, slide it forward and clean both surfaces. Apply sealant (NOT 5200!) and snug the screws. Wait for the sealant to dry, then tighten the screws.

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    So found the main source of my leak. I had forgotten to tighten one of the hose clamps on the thru hull carrier rubber tube. I also will be applying silicon to the back of the driveshaft holder after cleaning both surfaces in the future but even without the silicon after fixing the hose clamp all I had was a little dribble out of the drain holes.

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