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    Cool, thanks! Will update later this week with sucess/fail

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    Fixed the thru hull carrier and put everything back together. Go to start it up and it doesn't start. What gives?? Motor turns over very strong and all fuel lines connected. This thing started 3 days ago before I pulled the engine. I am suspecting no spark but not sure where to start tracking that down. Any tips on common things I could have messed up causing no spark?

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    I would start with checking for spark

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    You know what I just remembered, when I was testing the seal and filling hull with water the spark plug boots I accidentally forgot in the hull so they were fully submerged for probably 5 minutes. Would this be a possible culprit of no spark?

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    Probably not, did you confirm theres no spark or are we just guessing? Your post is confusing

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    I'm just guessing. I just feel confident that it isn't fuel because it ran great before I pulled the engine to do the carrier. I'll have to check for spark to verify but that's my hunch

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    I would confirm it before jumping to conclusions

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    Update, I was correct about no spark but I overlooked a simple thing originally. Turns out it was a bad fuse causing my no-start. Swapped it out and the ski fired right up. Got out on the water tonight to test, thru-hull carrier seems to have held up perfectly. One more small leak to take care of on the water hose inlet on the exhaust. Constant dripping that filled my hull a few cups over the course of a tank of gas. Any recommendations for aftermarket hose inlets?

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    I use 1/2 heater hose

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    Fixed the hose inlet leak, still getting an abnormal amount of water in the hull. Was wide open for about 5-10 minutes and enough for a steady stream to come out both drain plugs after.i pulled it out after that 5-10 minute run. Wondering now if I should have put silicon on the back of the driveshaft holder. I ran it on the trailer and didn't see water coming in that area. No leaks when I filled the back of the ski up with water from the thru hull carrier. Any other places I could be taking on water?

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