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    Yeah it sounds like your problem may be more water than just from riding alone. If you keep it strapped on the trailer take the seats off and the rear box out you can stick your head in there while it's running and take a look around I suggest putting a towel over your head to keep all the water around you from splashing in while its running.

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    Fill with water on trailer firsr and tilt back, if its that thru hull it will leak right then and there, pull the ignition box and look down cant miss it.

    If coupler will need to be running to spot

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    Thanks, I am going to be filling it with water and tilting back on trailer. I am 100% sure it is not the coupler because I just replaced that with a rhaas part and watched it running on the trailer first time I took it out. No leaks from there. Will fill it and update sometime this week

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    Right now I have the engine out and I'm looking at the driveshaft thru hull. How the hell do I get this thing out??

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    Did you verify a leak?

    Alot of people cut the spot where the ignition is mounted to for more access. I maned up andspent the extra time removed, cleaned and resealed through small access hole.

    If its separating its pretty easy, coupler has to come out along with hose. Put a prybar in and put some pressure, should come off pretty easy

    Use 3m 5200, buy in calk gun. Dont need to go to a marina for it homedepo has it

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    Yes I verified leak, filled back up with water and saw a steady leak coming from driveshaft thru hull. Just can't get the thing off. Removed ignition box and loosedened clamps on rubber tube connecting thru hull to driveshaft holder. I just can't seem to pry the thru hull piece off of the current sealant. Any tips on how you got yours off?

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    Been trying for almost 2 hours now to remove the thru hull driveshaft carrier. No luck. Not even budging slightly! I did find a portion of epoxy that has pulled up loose from the fiberglass. I'm going to trim it back, apply new epoxy and call it a day. Hopefully that will fix the leak for the most part. It wasn't terrible to begin with, few cups of water per ride. For now a patch job and bilge pump will do

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    Did you remove the coupler and hose? Just applying epoxy will not fix it, the rest will eventually separate.

    Mine just came right off it was that bad..

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    Yes removed hose and coupler and stuck a pry bar down... It was going to break the fiberglass "tray" before the thru hull came off. My ski has only 40 hours so it hasn't been beat too bad. Maybe the epoxy isn't ready to come off yet. The leak isn't terrible so I'm just going to add some more epoxy now and not pry it too hard. I know the rest will come off eventually, I have no problem pulling engine again when it's finally ready to come out.

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    Mine had 20 and leaked. Its age factory not always use

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