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    What Year FXHO is the Purple Unicorn? (most desired)

    I owned a 2008 FX HO for 12 years and loved it, never had an issue. To me that was a magical year with the combo of MR1 engine and the NanoX hull which resulted in a very light and fast 3 seater pwc. I recently sold it and am now looking for a newer FX model with RIDE. I know the FX lineup has been pretty consistent over the years, but is there a certain year (after 2015's RIDE introduction) that's more desirable? Is there a certain year to stay away from?

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Off the top of my head, 2016 onwards SVHO engine has the improved timing chain, and 2019 onwards FX has a completely new hull design.

    2019+ FX hull is apparently a wet ride and if the factory limited top speed is increased the SVHO model needs handling changes to avoid 'scary' behavior above circa 73 mph. And a touchscreen dash with inaccurate speed display (not fixable aftermarket). Handles well but has a wet ride in non-smooth water.
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    2016 fzr white .... ride sucks lol 😂

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    I'm very happy with my 2017 FXHO. Ski has been awesome in the 4 years of ownership. Ride is good and it handles the chop pretty well.

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