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    Gripes about the 2020 FX SVHO model

    So I've had my stock 2020 FX SVHO for almost a month and a half and have put about 40 hours on it. We all know how great of a ski it is, but I do have some gripes about it that Iím wanting to share for people on the fence and doing their research like I was. If anyone has any helpful solutions please feel free to interject. Iím not complaining and I do enjoy my ski fully, just wish I had this information when doing my research so Iím sharing it. Iím pretty sure everyone is familiar with the pros but I included a couple that you prob wonít find many places.

    For the record I was comparing the Seadoo GTX 300 Limited to the FX SVHO for my purchase.

    Some Proís:

    - No cavitation when taking off

    - Cruise Control is very nice, a huge feature Iím glad I got

    - RAM Mount system is great. I use a cup holder and Garmin GPS mount

    My gripes about the 2020 FX SVHO (may apply to the 2019 model as well) that I was unaware of during my research:

    - LCD screen does not have a clock (So easy to add, why not have it!?)

    - Security PIN Code on screen is set like a rolling combination, not like a pin pad. Its slow and I feel like its easy for people to see you enter it.

    - Hull design is great for turns and cutting but horrible for splashing the riders. In just a little chop Iím getting soaked every 2-3 seconds. Trim up does very little. Iím told getting a pump wedge and Riva ride plate will help some, but thatís $400 to just "help", not eliminate. Please no trolls talking about ďyouíre supposed to get wetĒ. Its been so bad Iím blinded by water every couple of seconds and can barely see where Iím going, so its not just an inconvenience, itís a safety issue. Flat water there are no issues.

    - Front storage access. Love the space of the storage access but its nearly impossible to access unless you are beached. Accessing from a dock or while on the ski is very challenging.

    - Inaccurate SpeedO readings. Coming from Seadoo I could have swore all Speedoís were GPS tracked, but its RPM based-speed. Iíve used a GPS app to track my top speed and it reports 2-4mph slower than the FX reports, and prob even slower with a second passenger. I can also tell Iím going much slower than it reports during acceleration. No GPS adapter available for the fix like some other models.

    - Inaccurate Fuel readings. Premature low fuel alarm goes off. You need to measure based on gallons used, but why couldnít the system base the fuel usage on that? You have to remember to reset the gallons used reader every fill up. Again, another simple fix thatís inconvenient. The cheap Seadoo sparks were much more accurate.

    - Trouble starting the engine. Not really a big issue but annoying that it takes longer than it should to start. Sometimes I have to hit the button twice. Got on my friends 2018 GP1800 and it fires up immediately.

    - Fast but not faster than a stock 2020 RXT-X when I raced one. I expected this though, but for anyone curious.

    - Finally, wish there was a better way to tie a rope for docking from the front of the ski rather than the steering wheel/column. I can install the pull-up cleats for $80/ea plus install fee (not wanting to cut into my hull myself) but that just seems too pricey to just tie a rope. I feel like a hook/eyelit should be standard for being in the year 2020 and having the ďluxuryĒ waverunner. If you get the cruiser or limited edition, it includes the Cleats.

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    I really appreciate the time you took to write this. When looking at Skis and the limited information it is hard to see these things from sitting on a ski and looking at a spec sheet.
    Real World Review!

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