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    Quote Originally Posted by ptscon View Post
    So I had Glenn at Impros pitch one to 15/24 for me. Did a quick test this weekend, water conditions weren't great and on a short pull maybe 3-4 seconds it took my T3 PX to 83 on cluster and 81.8 on garmin at about 8700 RPM.

    Should have done it 15/25 but wasn't sure about RPMs, will most likely spin this thing up to 9k since this quick test was at ultra rich low 11s AFR and damn ecu pulling 4 degrees of timing from target 32 for no reason.

    Glenn dose great work, this thing is smooth as butter.
    Normal size wear ring?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 711jrp View Post
    Hey, did you get a 159 260 solas re-pitched? how was it out the hole?
    Yes, sent one to Impros to have it done. Not sure about holeshot, I was dialing in a new map so I wasn't paying attention to that.

    Quote Originally Posted by guybb3 View Post
    Normal size wear ring?

    I was a bit skeptical about the Riva 86 on cluster at 8600 RPM but after seeing 83 on my draggy T3 hull at basically the same RPM/pitch combination I totally believe it for a ST3 hull.

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    Thank You I had to keep checking the date of these post with everyone saying send it to Skat and send it to Dave.
    Glen is no longer at Skat and Dave is no longer with Impros as Glen bought Impros.

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    Any updates to the 161 and 15/25 mod?

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    I would buy a 161 15/25 or steeper.......

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    I have one, brand new or rather repitched from skat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsmith7364 View Post
    Ski is just approaching 100 hours. We just did a compression check and all were between 125 and 129. Spark plugs looks like it might have been a little lean but very slight. Which is why I need the AFR on it. Never heard of camshaft phasing. What I can tell you is that when this ski was stock with only a tune, I was able to hit 78 on the dash. Yes I know it is off, but it still gives a point of reference. With all the work that I have done, I rarely can hit 75 on the dash. And that is Riva stage 3. Which is why Brian was shocked at my numbers. The ski runs well, no odd sounds, holeshot is good, performance is all good except top speed. And low rpm's.

    Yes it was a little cooler when it hit 78 with nothing but a tune. But not that much difference to be 10-12 MPH GPS slower than claimed.
    I have same problem on my 2017 RXP will be checking timing this winter

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