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    Question 2009 RXT 255 IS IBR Fault Codes, No Function.

    Hi guys, I’m new to this forum but was wondering if any of you have experienced similar problems with IBR. I bought a 2009 RXT 255 IS with IBR problems. The previous owner had the IBR module replaced but still had issues so decided to deal it.

    When you put the key on and wake up the ski, the IBR light comes on in a couple seconds and throws codes: C2110, C2131, C2161, and P1661. When you start the ski up you get C2230 and the engine light comes on.

    From looking these up it seems they all pertain to voltage, more or less. I checked voltage at the battery, I had 12.7V when ski was off, 12.4 when woke up, and 11.3-4 while cranking, then at an idle it charged at 13.3-5V.

    Does anyone have any experience with these codes or similar problems? Ski has sat since last spring.

    Thank you.

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    Welcome on GH

    You should have come here before buying an first generation suspension ski. Most would have advised you to walk away.

    Anyway download the shopmanual itís a very useful tool.
    Try using the search function, many info can be found already for your type of ski.

    Good luck.......

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