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    1994 radier help!!!

    Hello All,

    I Am New To This Forum And I Am Looking To Get Alot Of Questions Answered. I Have A 94 Radier And I Was Told When I Got It That The Motor Has Been Built And I Tend To Believe This Since I Have No Problem Kepping Up With My Friends 1100 Kaw

    1) My Ski Is Bogging Down Every Once In A While While Riding What Could It Be?

    2) My Display Has Never Worked All Conections Are Good Has Anyone Replaced This With Anolog Marine Gauges Would This Work? If So Pics? Or Write Up Avalible?

    3) Who Should I Contact Regarding An Above Water Exiting Exuast? "i Like It Loud"

    4) What Is The Best Paint To Use On Your Ski If Repainting The Entire Ski?

    5) What type of sponsons should I run?

    Thanks For All The Advice
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