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    Hey all! New here and new to Jet Skis, not to boating though. Anybody still get together and ride? I am looking to eventually get out and ride some cool places and meet some people. Also, would appreciate tips on places to ride in and around Boston and North of Boston. Especially interested in riding in Boston Harbor and the Charles River as I've never been in the water there. Thanks!

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    Hey, I just got into riding jet skis too. I'm from northwest CT but I'm looking to travel around a bit. Let me know if you want to go out riding sometime, I'm going pretty much every chance I can get right now.

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    wanna a challenge; try the mouth of Merrimac River / Newburyport/Plum Island as the tides going out. I have never seen water go in eight different directions. On a Friday afternoon last year , myself and two friends spent to much time playing around over by the Parker River / Ipswich / Rockport , with an attempt to come through the back of Plum Island two of them ran into muck as the tide went out. they got scared and we reversed direction back out to the ocean and came down front of Plum Island. It's a 6-7 mile ride to get back to the mouth of the Merrimac River. As we turn in the water was boiling. I'm in a hole 4 feet deep and I look over as my friend passes me and all I can see is his head go by. All you could do is hang on for dear life as you throttle through the next set of waves. I was thinking to myself , if I come off this machine, I'm dead. It's every man for himself and no one is looking back. Oh! and I should of said the three of as are in are mid 50s. Well we muscled thru it and as we got past the I95 bridge in Newburyport we found a piece of land we could pull up on. We just looked at each other and said WTF was that all about,we made a stiff cocktail and sat there for about an hour. After our BP came back to normal ,its a 6/7 mile ride back to Groveland and the river was a sheet of glass. It was WOT all the way home. One of the best/scariest days of our lives !!

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