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    sender in fuel tank

    I have a 97 slt and I am trying educate myself on the fuel system and its quirks I am curious about the pickup in the fuel tank. What if anything goes wrong with it. Should I take it out and inspect it? Also I beleive I only have a fuel pump on one of the two carbs? Known problems with this type system and do I need mods? Stock ski. Looking for an online man. if there is not one who makes good service man.? I am new to all this but have read a lot on this an other forums. Hope I posted where I was supposed to........... In search could not find anything as of yet.......

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    Usually the float gets "gas logged" and sinks reading low fuel even though the tank is full. Clymer makes good service manuals, or check out the tech section here. If you need something not posted, you can request it and someone will help you out I'm sure.

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    There is a passage way in the almn. sender unit, no hoses to worry about. The float will get fuel logged and that is about it.

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